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The Fragmentation-Coherence Paradox in Twente


Bressers, Hans; Koen Bleumink; Nanny Bressers et. al. 2016: "The Fragmentation-Coherence Paradox in Twente", in: Bressers, Hans; Nanny Bressers; Corinne Larrue (eds.): Governance for Drought Resilience. Land and Water Drought Management in Europe. Heidelberg: SpringerOpen, 181-202.

Hans Bressers
Koen Bleumink
Nanny Bressers
Alison Browne
Corinne Larrue
Susan Lijzenga
Maia Lordkipanidze
Gül Özerol
978-3-319-29669-2, 978-3-319-29671-5 (eBook)
22 S.

9.1 Introduction
9.2 Dutch Drought Policy and the Needs of the "High and Sandy" Eastern Netherlands
9.3 Dry Creeks and Measures Taken in the Twente Region
9.3.1 Twente’s Drought and Water Scarcity Situation
9.3.2 Implementation and Research Projects and Farm Water Management Plans Under DROP
9.3.3 Drought Resilience Projects as Social Interaction Processes
9.4 Governance Assessment: Actor Coherence Saves the Day
9.4.1 Extent: Are All Elements in the Five Dimensions that Are Relevant for the Sector or Project that Is Focused on Taken into Account?
9.4.2 Coherence: Are the Elements in the Dimensions of Governance Reinforcing Rather than Contradicting Each Other?
9.4.3 Flexibility: Are Multiple Roads to the Goals, Depending on Opportunities and Threats as they Arise, Permitted and Supported?
9.4.4 Intensity: How Strongly Do the Elements in the Dimensions of Governance Urge Changes in the Status Quo or in Current Developments?
9.4.5 Overview and Visualization of the Results of the Analysis
9.5 A Tale of Preserving Voluntary Action and Upscaling Nonetheless: Conclusions and Recommendations for the Region Twente
9.5.1 Overall Conclusion
9.5.2 Awareness and Public Agenda
9.5.3 Inter-collegial Exchange and Learning
9.5.4 From Farm Level Approach to Full Area Level Approach
9.5.5 Creating a Long-Term Outlook and a Vision for Each Area

Twente, Niederlande