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Policy Recommendations for Improved EU and US Cooperation in Maritime Governance


Reid, Andrew; Sandra Cavalieri 2011: Policy brief: Policy recommendations for improved EU and US cooperation in maritime governance.

23 S.

1 Introduction
2 Current policy framework
2.1 EU domestic policy framework
2.2 US domestic policy framework
2.3 International policy framework
3 Policy recommendations related to oceans and climate change
3.1 Transatlantic information exchange and collaborative activitie
3.2 Mitigation strategies and initiatives
3.3 Adaptation strategies
4 Policy recommendations related to the high seas
4.1 Impact Assessments
4.2 Identifying, managing and protecting significant and vulnerable marine areas
4.3 High Seas governance
5 Policy recommendations related to integrated marine policies and tools
5.1 Initial conditions
5.2 Planning
5.3 Implementation
5.4 Monitoring and Evaluation
5.5 Transatlantic dialogue
6 Policy recommendations related to strengthening EU/US transatlantic cooperation
6.1 Harness scientific capacity for coordinated policy action and integrated assessment
6.2 Environmentally sustainable maritime technology and practices for greener outcomes in shipping, fishing and energy
6.3 Monitoring, control and surveillance
6.4 International Influence
7 Next steps
8 References
9 Appendix A: CALAMAR Working Group members
10 Appendix B: CALAMAR Working Group Policy Recommendations