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A Comparison: EU and US Ocean Policy


Cavalieri, Sandra; Emily McGlynn; Ralph Piotrowski et. al. 2011: A Comparison: EU and US Ocean Policy.

Laura Cantral (Meridian Institute)
Elizabeth Lee (Meridian Institute)
Ingrid Irigoyen (Meridian Institute)
Kirsten Howard (Meridian Institute)
Raphaël Billé (IDDRI)
Marie Bourel (IDDRI)
Julien Rochette (IDDRI)
Matthieu Wemaëre (IDDRI)
Biliana Cicin-Sain (University of Delaware)
Miriam Balgos (University of Delaware)
Gwenaelle Hamon (University of Delaware)
94 S.

1 Introduction
2 European Union ocean and coastal policy
2.1 EU strategic interests and vision for ocean management
2.2 Governance framework in the EU
2.3 Integrated approaches in the EU and its Member States
2.4 EU international cooperation
3 United States ocean and coastal policy
3.1 US strategic interests and vision for ocean management
3.2 The ocean policy framework in the US
3.3 Major federal ocean and coastal laws
3.4 Prospects for US ocean governance
3.5 Progress at the state level
3.6 US international cooperation
4 Comparison of EU and US ocean and coastal policies
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Domestic policies and positions
4.3 International maritime governance
5 Potential for EU and US cooperation
5.1 Bilateral cooperation
5.2 Key opportunities and challenges for cooperation
5.3 The CALAMAR dialogue
6 References
Annex A: Comparative table on consistency of policy objectives in the EU and US