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Standard & Poor’s AA-Rating for OekoWorld OekoVision Classic Investment Fund

The OekoWorld Oekovision Classic is a leading ethical investment fund (or mutual trust) based on stringent social and ecological criteria. A panel of independent experts, including Christine Jasch, Sebastian Büttner, and R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic, supports the selection of businesses for investment decisions by the fund management, headed by Stewart Armer of Fortis Investments. The international rating agency Standard & Poor recently gave an AA Rating to the fund.

Draft model international investment agreements for sustainable development

International investment agreements and arbitration have significant roles for sustainable development. However, there is wide scepticism about the approach currently reflected in the existing agreements. Konrad von Moltke, Partner at Ecologic, together with colleagues at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), developed a Model Agreement on Investment.

Ecologic hosts Constituent Board Assembly of Two New Ethical Investment Funds

After the success of the award-winning OekoVision investment fund focusing in small and mid-sized businesses. OekoWorld Lux SA has launched two new mutual investment funds, OekoTrend Bonds and OekoTrend Stocks Europe.  Ecologic hosted the constituent meeting of the investment advisory board, which is co-chaired by R. Andreas Kraemer. This sets and applies selection and weighting criteria and supervises their application.


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