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Effekte von Arzneimitteln auf Nichtzielorganismen


Effekte von Arzneimitteln auf Nichtzielorganismen


Umweltbundesamt (2017): Effekte von Arzneimitteln auf Nichtzielorganismen. Infografik.

This infographic provides a brief overview of the effects of active pharmaceutical ingredients observed in studies on non-target organisms that have been submitted and evaluated in the context of veterinary drug approvals (status 2017). A detailed version of the table, which also includes effect concentrations and sources of literature, can be downloaded as a PDF file.

For the non-target organisms, an overview is given for which active substances toxic effects, changes in species composition and inhibitions of growth were observed in studies. Since these are mainly laboratory studies, the reactions refer to individual active substances and selected organisms. The results can only provide indications of effects in the real environment. Due to the large number of possible combinations, it is, for example, only possible to assess to a limited extent whether and from which concentration different active substances increase in their effect.

The infographic is licensed under a Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0, i. e. it can be used without any changes, if the author is mentioned. The infographic is part of a series of five infographics on veterinary pharmaceuticals in the environment developed by Ecologic Institute for the German Federal Environment Agency.

In the environment, veterinary medicinal products or their degradation products can have effects on plant and animal organisms. The spectrum of possible environmental impacts is as wide as the spectrum of the active pharmaceutical ingredients.


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Concept: Melanie Kemper (Ecologic Institute)
Content: Dr. Arne Hein (German Federal Environment Agency), Dr. Yvonne Ilg (University Bonn)
Graphic design: Beáta Welk Vargová (Ecologic Institute)

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veterinary medicinal products, environment, effect, approval, test, laboratory, toxic, growth inhibition, species composition, water fleas, mosquitoes, fish, earthworms, manure organisms, soil organisms, aquatic plants, crops, cyanobacteria, green algae
infographic, table