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Assessment of the Future Electricity Sector


Grünig; Max; Marc Witte; Benjamin Boteler et. al. 2011: Assessment of the Future Electricity Sector. Impacts of Electric Vehicles - Deliverable 3. Ecologic Institute/ICF/CE Delft, Delft.

Ravi Kantamaneni (ICF)
Etienne Gabel (ICF)
Dorien Bennink (CE Delft)
Huib van Essen (CE Delft)
Bettina Kampman (CE Delft)
89 S.

1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to the project
1.2 Structure of this report
2 Policy overview
2.1 EU energy policy
2.2 Member State energy policy and grid quality
3 Electricity sector baseline forecasts
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Electricity demand and load profile
3.3 EU capacity and generation mix
3.4 Regional capacity and generation mix
3.5 Market price and cost forecast
4 Potential impacts of EVs on electricity and renewable  energy generation
4.1 Electricity generation in Europe: power plants and Electric Vehicles
4.2 EU ETS, renewable energy and Electric Vehicles
4.3 Renewable energies in the electricity grid
4.4 Integrating Electric Vehicle charging with renewable energy supply
4.5 Integrating Electric Vehicles as grid stabilisers
4.6 Electric Vehicles and biofuels
5 Grid capacity in relation to EVs
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Grid resilience
5.3 Bottlenecks for EV charging
5.4 Smart grid solutions
6 Charging infrastructure
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Standards and codes
6.3 Comparison of charging systems
6.4 Charging station businesses
7 Monitoring of EV charging and energy mix
7.1 Options for monitoring EV electricity consumption
7.2 Taxation
7.3 Electric Vehicle electricity consumption and government policies
8 Conclusions
Annex A Electricity policy per Member State
Annex B Overview of EU Energy Policy
Annex C IPM® model

Transport, Climate, EU Environment, Policy Assessment, Greenhouse Gases, CO2-Emissions, Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Market Penetration, EU-27, Europe