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Arctic Summer College 2011

Arctic Summer College 2011

15 August 2011 to 26 August 2011

The 2011 Arctic Summer College, hosted by Ecologic Institute, provides a platform for Arctic researchers to debate and develop ideas about a range of issues facing Arctic decision-makers, such as: Arctic economic, environmental and security policy; the impacts of large scale energy projects at the regional scale; and approaches to ecosystem-based management.

The 2011 Arctic Summer College included 13 researchers from Europe, Canada and the US who participated in bi-weekly seminars to discuss ongoing research and develop opportunities for future collaboration. Key issues being addressed include:

  • Arctic governance (e.g. Arctic Council restructuring)
  • Geopolitics – especially EU/Russia relations
  • Security – military and environmental security
  • Integrated ecosystem based management
  • Indigenous peoples rights and natural resource development
  • Environmental standards for shipping, resource extraction and tourism

The 2011 Arctic Summer College builds on the Ecologic Institute Arctic TRANSFORM Dialogue on Transatlantic Policy Options for Supporting Adaptation in the Marine Arctic and EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment.

2011 Arctic Summer College Participants:

Golo Bartsch, Sandra Cavalieri, Colette de Roo, Raleigh Davis, Thibaud Henin, Andrew Reid, Rebeka Ryvola, Elena von Sperber , Susanah Stoessel, Hannah Strauss, Franziska Stuke, Elizabeth Tedsen,  R. Andreas Kraemer

15 August 2011 to 26 August 2011
Berlin, Germany
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