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RADOST Akteursanalyse – Teil II: Auswertung der Befragung von Akteuren aus Politik, Verwaltung und Zivilgesellschaft

Interessen, Nutzungsansprüche, Ziele und Konflikte relevanter Akteure der deutschen Ostseeküste vor dem Hintergrund des Klimawandels
How do relevant stakeholders on the Baltic Sea Coast perceive climate change in their region? What adaptation measures are well known and which should be implemented? Additionally, who are the relevant stakeholders? These and other questions are answered in the first part of the RADOST stakeholder analysis, which was written by staff members of Ecologic Institute. The report is available for download.

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Ecosystem Services and Land Use - University Course (2012)

Summer Term 2012
15 April 2012

During the summer semester 2012, the Research Group Ecosystem Services organises a course on "Ecosystem Services and Land Use" at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin). The course is geared toward Bachelor's students in agriculture and horticulture. In this context, Holger Gerdes, Fellow at Ecologic Institute, teaches a class on the economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

In total, 14 seminars in the form of lectures, discussions and presentations have been organised. The course also includes a five-day excursion to theRead more

Climate Proofing of Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy

2 April 2012

The EU has set itself ambitious objectives for combatting climate change. In addition to efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change, the European Commission is also advancing efforts to strengthening climate adaptation in the EU, primarily by facilitating better exchange of information and practices as well as coordinating relevant activities such as in the case of trans-boundary impacts. Two...Read more

Renewable Energy Opportunities for Farmers

6 March 2012
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
At the largest annual event for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities in the United States, Michael Mehling, President of Ecologic Institute in Washington DC, described European experiences with renewable energy in agriculture.Read more

Testing of a Farm Carbon Calculator

December 2011 to March 2013

This study supports the Joint Research Centre in a pilot project on the "certification of low carbon farming practices in the European Union". An EU-wide survey of data availability for a carbon calculator tool is carried out, along with the testing of the tool and assessment of policy options for promoting its use. The project documents are available for download.

Agriculture plays an important role in climate change mitigation efforts. The direct emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) from agriculture account for around nine percent of total EU-27 emissions. Specifically, agricultureRead more

FP7-project SmartSOIL: Kick-off Meeting in Brussels

10 November 2011 to 11 November 2011

How can research contribute to the reversal of soil degradation by improving soil carbon management in European arable and mixed farming systems? This is the central subject of the new FP7-project SmartSOIL and was discussed in the project kick-off meeting held on 10 and 11 November 2011 in Brussels. Ecologic Institute is a core partner in the SmartSOIL consortium, responsible...Read more

Agriculture as Provisioning Ecosystem Service

November 2011 to May 2012

While many ecosystem services or "benefits that humans derive from nature" are maintained or produced by agriculture, evidence suggests that some agricultural systems provide these services in an unsustainable way. This Joint Research Centre (JRC) funded study will assess the role of agricultural production as a "provisioning" ecosystem service, i.e. one that provides feed, food, fuel and fibre, as well as its relationship to other ecosystem services (regulating, supporting and cultural). The assessment will be based on energy balance indicators, which will be used to generate an EU-wideRead more

Sustainable and Climate Friendly Soil Management (SmartSOIL)

November 2011 to October 2015

Farming practices exert an important influence over soil functions, soil organic matter and carbon stocks, which in turn are essential to regulating greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. SmartSOIL is an EU-funded project which will develop an innovative approach assessing the impact of farm management on soil organic carbon stocks, crop productivity and other ecosystem services. SmartSOIL will develop a decision support tool to enable farmers, advisors and policy makers to discuss and select the most appropriate and cost-effective practices for different farming systems, soils andRead more

Co-ops in the Clouds: Marketing Mountain Foods

Small-scale producers working in Europe's mountain regions create some truly unique and incredible products. However, they often face problems in marketing, distributing, and selling their products. This animated video, produced by Ecologic Institute as part of the mountain.TRIP project, introduces ideas and approaches for solving them. Yes, it takes hard work and careful planning, but the potential of mountain products really is enormous.

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Climate Proofing of Cohesion Policy and Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

October 2011 to July 2012

The White Paper on climate adaptation stresses the relevance of integrating adaptation needs and opportunities into key policy areas. This mainstreaming of adaptation responses into all areas of EU policy concerned by climate change will ensure that EU-funded investments and measures are "climate-proof", i.e. remain robust in their effectiveness and value under different climate change scenarios. The project: "Methodologies for climate proofing investments and measures under cohesion and regional policy and the common agricultural policy" will strengthen the discussionsRead more


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