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Karl Lehmann


Karl Lehmann

MA (Communications Management)
BA (Business Administration; Event, Exhibition and Congress Management)

Senior Events & Communications Manager


Karl Lehmann works as Senior Events & Communications Manager at Ecologic Institute. He focuses on the conceptual design and implementation of event and communication formats. He is a native German speaker, but he is also fluent in English.

As part of his work in the Events Team, Karl Lehmann is responsible for the preparation, implementation, and follow-up of national, European, and international digital and on-site events that address current environmental policy issues, such as conferences, workshops, study tours and webinars. He is particularly interested in designing tailor-made event formats to ensure the effective involvement of participants.

In addition to that, Karl Lehmann develops communication and dissemination strategies for research projects at Ecologic Institute. He is responsible for the coordination of communication activities as well as their efficient, strategic and technical implementation. Karl Lehmann has co-produced Ecologic Institute's podcasts Knowledge for Future and Creating Green Cities.

In 2023, Karl Lehmann completed a Master's degree in Communications Management at the IST University of Applied Sciences. In his master's thesis, he analysed the potential use of podcasts in environmental science communication. He completed a dual-study BA program in Business Administration with a focus on Event, Exhibition, and Conference Management at the University of Cooperative Education in Berlin in October 2014.

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Selected projects by Karl Lehmann
| Fotolia © Christian Schulz
In the framework of the scientific accompanying research (PlastikNet) of the research focus "Plastics in the Environment – Sources • Sinks • Solutions" (Plastik in der Umwelt – Quellen • Senken • Lösungsansätze) Ecologic Institute coordinated 20 joint research projects,... Read more
Podcast cover

Ecologic Institute

Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) described the European Green Deal as "Europe's man-on-the-moon moment". With this plan, the European Union aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, protect and enhance nature, and sustainably transform the... Read more

© Sandra Naumann

Peatlands are ecosystems for a variety of specialised plant and animal species and serve as important natural carbon reservoirs. They also have a regulating effect on the water and nutrient balance and a cooling evaporation effect, which is important for the local and... Read more
The European Ocean Coalition (EU4Ocean) connects diverse organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the ocean. Supported by the European Commission, this bottom-up inclusive initiative aims at uniting the... Read more

The EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy

RECIPES Logo with leaf shape and process flow arrows


How do we take sound decisions on new or emerging technologies? The RECIPES project (REconciling sCience, Innovation and Precaution through the Engagement of Stakeholders) aims to develop new tools and guidelines to ensure the precautionary principle is applied while... Read more

Reconciling Science, Innovation and Precaution through the Engagement of Stakeholders (RECIPES)

Logo des Dialogforums Wirtschaft macht Klimaschutz
The Dialogue Forum "Business mitigates climate change" aimed to increase networking within the German economy to improve climate protection. After the spring of 2017, around 100 companies from all sectors of the economy worked closer together and exchanged information.... Read more
| Fotolia © kalafoto
Nature is important for the urban environment: trees grant shade during the summer months, while parks and lakes function as areas for relaxation, as places where the urban population comes together, and as space where children can experience nature and learn about it... Read more

Nature Based Urban Innovation (NATURVATION)

©Hendrik Silbermann (ARTWORKs)
This project oversees the organization of workcamps for German youth interested in green professions during vacations in 2016-2018. Participation in the one week long vocational camps in Wangelin, Mecklenburg is free of charge. Themes of the workcamps include the... Read more
Selected publications by Karl Lehmann

© Ecologic Institute

The European Green Deal is the European Union's fundamental response to the challenges of the 21st century. From addressing climate change and nature degradation to creating conditions for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, the plan aims to revolutionise the way... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: European Green Deal – what is Europe trying to achieve and where are we now?. Green Deal – Big Deal?. Podcast. 7 April 2022. Online:


© Ecologic Institute

To achieve the EU's goals, we need to rethink mobility from the ground up. This involves many aspects, including electric mobility, walking, cycling and public transport. The second episode of the "Green Deal – Big Deal?" podcast examines the challenges and issues that... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: It's Electric! The future of mobility in Europe. Green Deal – Big Deal?. Podcast. 9 May 2022. Online:

Episode Cover

Ecologic Institute

For some, fashion is an expression of personality or culture. For others, clothes are something that ensures comfort or survival. One thing is certain: clothing is something that everyone, everywhere, deals with every day. However, its production has an enormous... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: Sustainability in style: circular fashion in the European Green Deal . Podcast. 9 June 2022. Online:


© Ecologic Institute

Food production is a sector completely dependent on healthy environment and predictable climatic conditions. At the same time, modern agriculture is among the major contributors to climate and biodiversity crises. From food production to consumption, Europe is facing a... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: Farm to Fork: feeding a continent without wrecking a planet . Podcast. 2 August 2022. Online:


© Ecologic Institute

In Europe and beyond, the summer of 2022 is hot. Very hot. A runway at a London airport melted in the heat, and from Paris to Warsaw the grass in parks turned dry and yellow. The Rhine – the river flowing through Rotterdam, Cologne and Strasbourg – is running dry. This... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: Beating the heat: Europe prepares for climate change impacts. Podcast. 2 September 2022. Online:

Ecologic Institute

Ecologic Institute

Since we learned how to produce plastic, humans have manufactured more than 8.3 billion tons of it – most of which ended up as waste somewhere on the planet. This leads plastic waste to enter the landscape, rivers, beaches, and eventually ocean. We asked our listeners... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: From packaging to microplastics: unwrapping EU plastics policies. Podcast. 17 October 2022. Online:


© Ecologic Institute

How do we classify which investments are the right ones to power the transition to a climate and nature-friendly economy? This is a pretty big question, and one that is crucial to a successful implementation of the European Green Deal. The EU taxonomy – the subject of... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2022: Fifty shades of green: sustainable finance and the EU taxonomy. Podcast. Online:


© Naturvation

Green roofs make buildings cool. Literally. As cities deal with the impacts of climate change, green roofs can offer solutions and help with rainwater management, insulation and cooling, amongst other benefits. No matter the weather, installing a green roof also... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2020: Bringing Nature Back into Cities. Creating Green Cities. Podcast. 25. June 2020. Online:


© Naturvation

The city of Barcelona has an entire strategy dedicated to taking care of its trees, called the Tree Masterplan. To create this Masterplan, the city talked to over 700 different people – from gardeners to urban planners and from restaurant owners to street cleaners – to... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2020: All Hands on Deck: Governing Urban Green. Creating Green Cities. Podcast. 27 July 2020. Online:


© Naturvation

Living in a neighborhood with lots of trees will make you live longer… or will it? Urban nature is said to bring diverse health, social, economic and environmental benefits to cities and their populations. Understanding the scale of and access to these benefits is... Read more

Ecologic Institute 2020: Urban Trees and Gardens: How Good Are They Really for You?. Creating Green Cities. Podcast. 13 July 2020. Online:


© Naturvation

The city of Barcelona is reinventing the work soil; a social entrepreneur in Utrecht is trying to challenge the way the government cooperates with local green initiatives; and a housing company in Malmo is redefining neighbourhood design for the 21st century. All these... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2020: Innovating with Nature, People and Places. 24 August 2020. Online:


© Naturvation

Hans Pijls, founder of the "Food for Good" urban farm in Utrecht, believes his project generates different types of value for the city, such as improving the economic value of surrounding buildings, boosting employment, and generating positive effects for health, well... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2020: Valuing nature: can money really grow on trees?. 10 August 2020. Online:


©Ilka Merbold|CC BY-NC 3.0 DE

"Sustainable Agriculture – Someone has to take the first step": Welcome to the second episode of the environment-focused podcast series "Knowledge for Future", produced by Ecologic Institute and Today organic products are all the rage, but long before... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2019: Landwirtschaft, aber nachhaltig - Einer muss immer anfangen. Knowledge for Future - The Environment Podcast. Podcast. 19. June 2019. Online:

Photo by John Lambeth | Pexels
The third episode of the environment-focused podcast "Knowledge for Future" looks at concepts for sustainable financing. There are many innovative ideas for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable economy.  However, the implementation of these concepts... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2019: Nachhaltige Finanzierungskonzepte – Auch Weltverbesserer brauchen Geld. Knowledge for Future – The Environment Podcast. Podcast. 20 June 2019.

Science creates neutral facts. It responds – in the best case without value judgement – to questions from its field, society and politics. But not everything discovered through science is actually interesting to society as a whole. Sometimes, there is simply a lack of... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2020: Transdisziplinäre Forschung: Und in der Praxis?. Knowledge for Future – The Environment Podcast. Podcast. 29 January 2020. Online:



Sustainable management and climate protection policy – these are the topics of the new podcast series "Knowledge for future". We will present people and ideas that set an example in making the economy more sustainable. It will also focus on current developments in... Read more

Ecologic Institut, 2019: Von unkonventionellen Ideen und spannenden Menschen. Knowledge for Future – Der Umwelt-Podcast. Podcast. 15. Juni 2019. Online:


Foto von Engin Akyurt von Pexels

If science provides the right impulses, completely new ideas can emerge in practice. The last episode of the environmental podcast "Knowledge for Future" dealt with the importance of transdisciplinary research, in particular with the synergies and challenges that can... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2020: Forschung trifft auf Praxis: Und was kommt dabei raus?. Knowledge for Future – Der Umwelt-Podcast. 12 February 2020. Online:

Sustainable, ecological management practices are not confined to agriculture alone, but can be implemented along an operation's entire value chain. It is merely a question of whether or not you are prepared to go for it. The fourth episode of the environment podcast ... Read more

Ecologic Institute, 2019: Nachhaltig bis zur Wertschöpfungskette – Sharing is caring. Knowledge for Future – The Environment Podcast. Podcast. 21 June 2019. Online:

Selected events by Karl Lehmann
MoorNet Launch Event

Wälz, Pixabay

The protection and restoration of peatlands, including the rewetting of used peatland soil sites, are crucial for biodiversity and climate protection. The active participation in the online event presenting the networking project "MoorNet" on 11 October 2023... Read more
Theme day: Plastics in the environment

Ecologic Institute

Can microplastics get into the water, when I wash a fleece jacket made of polyester? How many climate-damaging greenhouse gases are emitted by the production of plastic? What is chemical recycling? Together with numerous researchers from all over Germany, we got to the... Read more

Conference:Theme Day: Plastic in the Environment

Berlin, Germany


Plastic in the environment is a topic of immense significance, which has only grown in relevance since the Coronavirus pandemic. Water pollution (oceans, rivers, lakes, ground water) and plastic/microplastics in the environment are among the top environmental... Read more

Conference:Plastic in the Environment – Final Conference of the BMBF Research Programme



On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Ecologic Institute, together with the Institute for European Environmental Policy and TMG, hosted the Think2030 conference "Harnessing the European Green Deal to Address the Climate Crisis: Anticipating Risks, Fostering... Read more
Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze | Foto: Stefan Röhl
The final event of the dialogue forum "Wirtschaft macht Klimaschutz" took place on 11 March 2020 at the Turbinenhalle in Berlin. Over the past two years, representatives from more than 100 companies have jointly developed ideas, projects and concrete steps to promote... Read more

Conference:Business Mitigates Climate Change – Final Event of the Dialogue Forum

Berlin, Germany
© Stephan Röhl
At the kick kick-off event for its six thematic working groups, the dialogue forum "Business Mitigates Climate Change" of around 200 leading German companies discussed how they could increase their climate change mitigation efforts and move forward on the way... Read more
RECARE Abschlusskonferenz
What is the best way forward for soil protection in the EU? How can we improve EU policies to secure the delivery of soil ecosystem services? These questions were the focus of the final policy conference of the RECARE project which took place on 27 September 2018 in... Read more

Conference:Preventing and Remediating Degradation of Soils in Europe – RECARE Final Policy Conference

Brussels, Belgium
Auftaktkonferenz in Berlin
On 30 June 2017, the Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks kicked off the Dialogue Forum "Wirtschaft macht Klimaschutz" ("Business Mitigates Climate Protection"). More than 130 participants from companies from all economic sectors met to discuss the... Read more