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Ecologic Institute Science and Policy for a Sustainable World

Cover of the 'TEXTE' series report number 17/2024 titled 'Transformation regionaler Infrastrukturen für einen sozial-ökologischen Strukturwandel', translating to 'Transformation of regional infrastructures for a socio-ecological structural change'. The report provides conceptual approaches to structural change and challenges for socio-ecological transformations in three lignite mining regions. The authors from various German research institutions are listed.

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Transformation regionaler Infrastrukturen für einen sozial-ökologischen Strukturwandel

Konzeptionelle Ansätze des Strukturwandels und Herausforderungen

This report analyzes the challenges and opportunities arising from the phase-out of coal in Germany, with a specific focus on the three major coalfields: the Central German, Rhenish and Lusatian coalfields. It offers a detailed insight into the challenges and strategic approaches and emphasizes the need to develop regional infrastructures in a targeted and sustainable manner in order to meet the economic, social and ecological challenges of the three major German coalfields. Innovative technical solutions and a stronger integration of different infrastructure sectors can support the transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a sustainable and resilient regional development.
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Climate Farm Demo: building up a network of 1,500 farms

Berlin, Germany
A major step was made by recruiting almost 1500 farms located in 26 EU countries, showcasing a wide range of agricultural systems. The majority are dedicated to animal husbandry and mix farming systems, followed by specialized arable crops and finally, horticulture crops. Around 25% of the total farms, across sectors, are organic farms.
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GoNaturePositive! Initiative Launched by International Research Project

Dublin, Ireland
An abalone aquaculture farm in the west of Ireland is one of over 500 nature-positive enterprises across Europe joining forces with researchers from Trinity College Dublin and Ecologic Institute in an international study investigating the challenges and benefits of a nature-positive economy. The pilot study of the nature-positive potential of the blue economy in Ireland forms part of the GoNaturePositive! research project which was launched by Malcolm Noonan, Minister of State for Nature, Heritage and Electoral Reform, Ireland at an event in Trinity Business School on 6 March 2024.
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Dr. Camilla Bausch (Ecologic Institute)


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Ecologic Institute is Looking for a New Director

After 20 years of research and impact: Dr. Camilla Bausch will hand over the directorship

Berlin, Germany
After 20 years of dedication, learning, and research for our planet's health and future at Ecologic Institute, the time has come for me to shift focus and say farewell to my long-term professional home. Having had the privilege to lead this wonderful Institute for almost a decade, it is time to pass the torch to a new, energetic, and passionate leader.
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Integrating for Impact: Coordination and Cohesion in EU Climate Policy

Fifth episode of the podcast "CLIMATE ON AIR – Discussing the future of EU climate policy"

In this 5th episode of CLIMATE ON AIR, we discuss with climate policy integration experts Kati Kulovesi (University of Eastern Finland) and Sebastian Oberthür (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) about the essential role of climate policy integration on the path to the EU's climate neutrality transition. We delve deeper into the EU's legal and governance aspects that are necessary for successful climate policy integration, highlighting the significant role of the European Climate Law in setting a legally binding climate neutrality target, alongside the EU Governance Regulation.
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Ecologic Institute: Science and Policy for a Sustainable World

Ecologic Institute conducts inter- and transdisciplinary environmental research and has offices in Berlin and Brussels. In its role as a private, independent organization, Ecologic Institute is dedicated to the preparation of relevant sociopolitical aspects of sustainability research and contributing new knowledge to environmental policy. Innovative research methods, an orientation on practice and a transdisciplinary approach ensure scientific excellent and social relevance. The work done at Ecologic Institute covers the spectrum of environmental topics and includes the integration of environment-related issues into other political spheres.

Ecologic Institute was founded in 1995 and collaborates closely with other European and international bodies, including active participation as a member of the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet). Today, the more than 100 individuals at Ecologic Institute work in a variety of international and interdisciplinary project teams.


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Ecologic Institute is a partner in Ecornet Berlin, the research network that conducts transdisciplinary research for a social and ecological metropolis.