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Economic Impact of Nature Management: A Feasibility Study

October 2006 to February 2007
There is an ongoing debate about the impacts of nature conservation policy on the economy. Ecologic has been commissioned by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) to assess whether a measurement of these effects on an European level is feasible. Various methodologies are evaluated in order to determine a best practice methodology for a larger scope study. Read more

The importance of landscape issues in public policies

5 September 2006

The Free University of Berlin organised a conference on behalf of The Permanent European conference for the study of the rural landscape (PECSRL) on 4-9 September 2006, focusing on the theme: European rural future: Landscape as an Interface. Rainer Müssner from Ecologic gave a presentation about the importance of landscape issues in public policies. This presentation focused on the following key questions: Is "landscape" a priority issue at the national / European policy agenda?, do we have a coherent "landscape policy"? and what can be done to increase political "weight" of landscapeRead more

Transboundary landscape management - learning from the water sector

4 September 2006

There are obvious successes in Transboundary Water Management. How can the Landscape sector profit from these experiences, considering there exists an insufficient level of co-operation between states? Rainer Müssner in collaboration with Eduard Interwies gave a presentation focusing on these issues at the 22nd conference of The Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape.

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Ninth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

August 2006 to February 2007
The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is the most exhaustive agreement for maintaining the world’s ecological underpinnings. In 2006, the Parties to the CBD agreed to achieve by 2010 a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss. As host of the next Conference of the Parties (COP) in 2008, Germany has a special role to play. As part of this project Ecologic supports and advises the German government in setting the agenda. Key points that need to be tackled in order to reach this goal were discussed at an Expert Workshop from 13-15 December 2006 in Potsdam and summarised in the so called Potsdam recommendations. Read more

Vulnerability and Distribution of Native Bird Species in Germany

July 2006 to November 2006
Many bird species depend on agricultural areas and forests. Specific cultivation practices are often a cause of their endangerment. A focus of this study is to analyse which bird species are significantly affected by agriculture and forestry in Germany. Cultivation rules for the protection of selected bird species will be developed. Methodological and technical aspects as well as legal implications will be addressed. Read more

Value of Biodiversity

Documenting EU examples where biodiversity loss has led to the loss of ecosystem services
Kettunen, M. & ten Brink, P. 2006. Value of biodiversity- Documenting EU examples where biodiversity loss has led to the loss of ecosystem services. Final report for the European Commission. Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), Brussels, Belgium. 131 pp.Read more

Naturerbe – Eine Frage der Kultur

Nature conservation contributes significantly to preserving the natural heritage of Germany. However, conservation has been unable to stop biodiversity loss and the negative effects of intensive land use in such a closely populated country. In this chapter, Rainer Müssner shows how in times of demographic and social change, nature conservation has dangers as well as concrete options as to how to preserve the German cultural landscape.

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The Use of Market Incentives to preserve Biodiversity

25 April 2006

On invitation of DG Economic and Financial Affairs and DG Environment, Ingo Bräuer, Fellow at Ecologic, gave a presentation on the use of Market Based Instruments in the field of nature conservation.

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Theoretical Incentive Properties of Contingent Valuation Questions

Do they matter in the field?
Contingent valuation studies and their results are often criticised. This paper describes the findings of an experimental survey that tests the influence of survey design on strategic behaviour. Read more


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