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Environmental Tax Reform - Insights from a biodiversity protection perspective

29 October 2010

A gradual shift of today’s taxes away from personal income and capital- and towards taxes on consumption, pollution, and inefficient use of energy and resources can boost employment, eco-innovation and protect the environment. In this context, biodiversity protection also plays an important role. Building on previous work related to the use of market-based instruments in the field of nature conservation at the EU and global levels, Sandra Naumann gave a presentation on “Preserving Biodiversity with Market Incentives” at the “Environmental Tax Reform - learning from the past, and inventing the future” conference in Dublin, Ireland. The focus on her presentation was the success or failure of these instruments and their potential for further use in the future.Read more


Costs and Socio Economic Benefits associated with the Natura 2000 Network

Output of the EC project PREPARATORY ACTIONS FOR NATURA 2000
Gantioler S., Rayment M., Bassi S., Kettunen M., McConville A., Landgrebe R., Gerdes H., ten Brink P.: Costs and Socio-Economic Benefits associated with the Natura 2000 Network. Final report to the European Commission, DG Environment on Contract ENV.B.2/SER/2008/0038. Institute for European Environmental Policy / GHK / Ecologic, Brussels 2010.Read more

PhD Course on Evidence-based Policy-Making

October 2010 to December 2017
Since 2010, the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC) organises the PhD course "Evidence-based Policy-Making". Holger Gerdes, Fellow at Ecologic Institute, supports the course by supervising groups of PhD students in their work on practical case studies dealing with the integration of environmental research into the policy process.Read more

Wildlife in a Changing Climate - How does climate change effect biodiversity and eco-systems and how to respond to it?

30 September 2010

On 30 September 2010, a transatlantic Ecologic Dinner Dialogue on “Widlife in a Changing Climate - How does climate change effect biodiversity and eco-systems and how to respond to it?“ was held in Berlin in honour of Jeremy Symons, Senior Vice President for Conservation and Education of the US National Wildlife Federation (NWF). The discussion focused on exploring the main challenges currently faced by conservation initiatives in the US and Europe.

Read more

Financing Natura 2000

15 July 2010 to 16 July 2010

This conference hosted by the European Commission represents a key milestone in the path towards a new Financing Natura 2000 Communication. It provided a forum for an official presentation of the outcomes of the recent Economic and Social Benefits of Natura 2000 exercise. It also offered an opportunity to assess the current approach of financing Natura 2000, with respect...Read more

Protected Areas and the Importance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Economic Growth and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Economic Valuation of Ecosystems

"Latin America and the Caribbean; A Biodiversity Superpower" is an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Marlon Flores, Senior Policy Advisor at Ecologic Institute, contributed the chapter on "Protected Areas" to the initiative's report "Importance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Economic Growth and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Economic Valuation of Ecosystems".Read more

Die Vielfalt bewahren

Mehr internationale Aufmerksamkeit für den Schutz der Biodiversität
Today, the loss of biological diversity has already reached alarming proportions, proportions which climate change is not expected to reach for several decades. Despite this, climate change continues to dominate political debates, whereas biodiversity is still seen as an issue of secondary importance. In this publication, Sascha Müller-Kraenner, Senior Policy Advisor of Ecologic Institute, summarizes why a political and institutional reassessment of biodiversity is so necessary.Read more

Ökosystemleistungen in Kulturlandschaften

European cultural landscapes are significantly shaped by human activities and provide a multitude of ecological services which benefit human society. In an article published in the May 2010 issue of “Natur und Landschaft”, the concept of ecosystem services is evaluaten in regard to its limits and potentials to analyse conflicts between land use and nature conservation.Read more

EU Arctic Footprint - Stakeholder Workshop on Scenario Development

14 April 2010

The one-day workshop brought together 16 European and Arctic stakeholders to develop potential scenarios for the future (up to 2030). The chief objective of the EU Arctic Footprint project is to explore policy options for reducing the EU’s environmental footprint in the Arctic. Given the high level of uncertainty with regard to both policy development and the impacts of current...Read more


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