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Training Course "Energy for Development"

December 2011 to May 2012

This project's key objective is the conceptualisation and implementation of a training course on the theme of "energy for development", that is targeted at development cooperation professionsals, which will encounter energy issues in their work outside of the home country.

The materials produced for the training empower other trainers to carry out the course themselves. In addition to detailed facilitation guidelines, the project team elaborates all underlying documentation and necessary utensils. These include sets of powerpoint slides, but also aRead more

Survey on a European Union Programme for Social Change and Innovation

November 2011 to January 2012

The Committee of the Regions is engaged in the monitoring of the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy from the perspective of regional development and cohesion. This short survey by the Committee of the Regions serves the collection of opinion and feedback regarding the Europe 2020 initiatives for social change and innovation in the regions and EU Member States. Ecologic Institute and RIMAS are analysing the results in a ten-page report. The report is available for download.

Innovation has been placed at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy and aims toRead more

Measuring Sustainability - Conceptual Foundations and Indicators

4 November 2011

As part of the Studium Oecologicum (ecological studies) initiated by the student initiative "Greening the University" Tanja Srebotnjak from Ecologic Institute gave a two-day seminar on measuring sustainability - conceptual foundations and indicators at the University of Tübingen. A total of 18 students representing a broad variety of disciplines and subject areas registered for the seminar and thereby earned not only coveted ECTS credits but also learned some useful facts about the sustainability debate, what it means to be sustainable and how it can be measured. PracticalRead more

Circum Mare Balticum - Workshop Series

24 October 2011 to 28 October 2011
Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

Efforts are underway to make climate data in the Baltic Sea region more easily accessible. As part of a project supported by the International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), a workshop series with representatives of science and practice from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia took place.Read more

Seminar of Current Developments in German and EU Environmental Law

24 October 2011
On 24 and 25 October 2011, Stephan Sina, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Legal, and Gesa Homann, Researcher at Ecologic Institute, held a seminar on current issues in German and European environmental law at the Berlin Academy of Public Administration (Verwaltungsakademie Berlin).Read more

Sustainable Economy, New Technologies, Global Responsibility: How do we Reach our Goal? 信息技术和可持续发展产业政策

14 October 2011

Information Technology (IT) is necessary for building smart infrastructure and production systems, to reduce pollution and improve resource efficiency. As a key enabler of a Sustainable Industrial Policy, IT is of great interest to the economic development in China. R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute spoke on IT and smart systems for environmental objectives to a delegation from Sichuan province.

The event was part of a study tour to Germany on "Information Technology and Sustainable Industrial Policy" promoted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für InternationaleRead more

Yale University Webinar on The Nuclear Power Endgame in Germany

13 October 2011, New Haven, CT, 12:00 noon; Berlin, Germany, 6:00 pm
13 October 2011
World Wide Web
On Thursday, 13 October 2011 the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy (YCELP), in partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), presented R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute in a web-based seminar on The Nuclear Phase-out and Green Power Shift in Germany. A recording of the presentation is now online available.Read more

Teacher Training Renewable Energy

October 2011 to March 2014

Knowledge about energy and renewable energy in particular is crucial for the future of young people. Teachers are instrumental in integrating these issues in school curriculums. However, the training of teachers in Germany is inadequate in the subject of renewable energy issues. The project "Anchoring renewable energy in teacher training" therefore developed new tools and concepts to integrate energy education in teacher training. The Ecologic Institute contributed to the project by developing the content of educational materials and will carry out training seminars. The project was leadRead more

Education, Communication, Transfer - Workshop KLIMZUG AG

23 September 2011 to 24 September 2011

At KLIMZUG AG's fifth networking workshop, "Education, Communication, Transfer," on 23 and 24 September 2011 in Rostock, representatives of the partners exchanged their experiences with responsiveness and cooperation with local and regional governments with respect to the topic of climate change adaptation and together developed new communications measures.
Read more

Possibility of and Opportunities from the Implementation of an Energy System Powered only by Renewable Energy

26 August 2011

On 26 August 2011 at the conclusion of the first I-CITE study tour, Renewables and Rural Energy Opportunities, the Ecologic Institute hosted a Dinner Dialogue at Augustiner am Dom in Munich with MdB Hans-Josef Fell of the German Green Party and Member of the German Parliament.

Hans-Josef Fell addressed the...Read more


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