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Economics of Green Germany – the case of the Energiewende

19 May 2014 to 25 June 2014
As a new element in the Ecologic Institute's long-standing cooperation with the Duke University in North Carolina, the Institute hosts a course on the German Energiewende. For the second time, the Ecologic Institute organizes this course as part of the 2014 Summer in Berlin program jointly organized by Duke University and Rutgers. Read more

Transatlantic Climate and Energy Dialogue, Moving Forward - the ELEEP Network in Brussels, Rotterdam and the Hague

14 May 2014 to 18 May 2014
Rotterdam, the Hague, Netherlands, Brussels
Over 25 members of the ELEEP Network met in Brussels and The Netherlands from 14 until 18 May 2014. The Members engaged in a variety of activities, with a specific focus on discussing the organizational and substantive evolution of the ELEEP Network. This face-to-face consideration of how to implement an action-oriented, policy-relevant network – that remains both professionally and personally rewarding – will inform an ongoing discussion of ELEEP’s next steps with the two coordinating organizations (Ecologic Institute and Atlantic Council), as well as the rest of the members in the ELEEP network, over the coming months. Read more

ICAP Training Course on Emissions Trading in Chile

5 May 2014 to 14 May 2014
Santiago de Chile
In May 2014, the 10th ICAP Training Course on Emissions Trading brought together experts from emerging economies and developing countries to learn about emissions trading as a tool for climate protection and to discuss the options of implementing such systems in developing countries. The session in Santiago was the tenth of its kind and continues a series of past ICAP events held in other cities including Berlin, The Hague, Beijing, Madrid, Dublin, and Istanbul. It was attended by 29 mid-career professionals from eleven countries. Benjamin Görlach and Pedro Barata led the course. Read more

ELEEP Policy Recommendations for Urban Development and Transportation

Portland-Seattle Study Tour 26-31 January 2014
(2014). ELEEP Policy Recommendations for Urban Development and Transportation. Portland-Seattle Study Tour 26-31 January 2014. ELEEP Policy Brief. Ecologic Institute US, Atlantic Council, ELEEP.Read more

Linking Transit and Urban Development: ELEEP's Portland-Seattle Study Tour

27 January 2014 to 31 January 2014
Portland, Salem (Oregon) and Seattle (Washington)
United States
Ten ELEEP Members traveled to the Pacific Northwest of the United States to find out how communities use planning, policies, investments, and other measures to establish low-carbon, sustainable transportation systems. This tour took a broad perspective, moving beyond a focus on transportation systems in isolation to consider the larger economic development, urban/rural, and social implications of transit and transportation planning.Read more

Entering the Profession: Policy Advising and Applied Science in Environmental Policy

15 January 2014
On 15 January 2014, Doris Knoblauch presented work from the transdisciplinary research organization, Ecologic Institute, whose main focus is environmental research. At the lecture series "Facets of Sustainable Development" at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Doris Knoblauch showcased different aspects of policy advising, applied research and think tanks, with a particular focus on Ecologic Institute's work.Read more

Energy and Climate Finance

spring term 2014
1 January 2014 to 31 May 2015
Washington, DC
United States
The course Energy and Climate Finance introduces students to environmental markets and the policies that create them, focusing mainly on emissions trading systems (ETS) to mitigate climate change. The course also provides an introduction to attributes of the financial sector through its analysis of markets for environmental commodities. Ecologic Fellow Elizabeth Zelljadt has taught this course in summer 2014.Read more

ELEEP Policy Recommendations for Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Poland-Germany Study Tour 10-16 November 2013
(2013). ELEEP Policy Recommendations For Renewable Energy and Climate Change. Poland-Germany Study Tour 10-16 November 2013 ELEEP Policy Brief. Ecologic Institute US, Atlantic Council, ELEEP.Read more

ELEEP Network – Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy

Ecologic Institute and the Atlantic Council of the United States co-organize the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP). ELEEP was created under the I-CITE project, which was funded by the European Union's External Action Service. In early 2012, the ELEEP Network was awarded additional support by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, which provided for two study tours and other events in the second half of the year. The ELEEP Network has received additional funding from the European Union under the auspices of the EU's "Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogues EU-USA 2012"; with this grant, Ecologic Institute and the Atlantic Council will conduct “The ELEEP Energy and Climate Dialogue” from January 2013 through mid-2014. In addition to a second round of funding from the European Union, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has also provided a second round of support to ELEEP through mid-2014.

Ecologic Institute at the International Climate Summit COP19 in Warsaw

Between 11 November and 22 November 2013 the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP 19) to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Warsaw (Poland). Ecologic Institute supported the negotiations via its legal expertise and also presented the results of its research projects during various sessions of the event. In addition, a transatlantic expert group attended the conference and was guided through the negotiations by Ecologic Institute staff. The slides from the first presentation and a new policy brief are available for download.


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