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Ecologic University Course on Science-based Policy Advice (2013)

summer term 2013
1 March 2013 to 30 August 2013

What does policy advice mean in practice? How does science-based policy advice work and where are the problems and challenges? These and other questions were discussed by Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers and Timo Kaphengst within a teaching assignment at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Some 40 Bachelor's degree students participated in the seminar, which was split into three two-day blocks.

This was the fourth summer term in which Ecologic Institute Fellows taught the course as so called "practice partners." Students were introduced to theRead more

Small-scale Solutions for Eco-friendly Youth Villages in Israel

13 January 2013 to 17 January 2013
Berlin, Potsdam and Müncheberg

The vision of establishing agricultural youth villages in an eco-friendly way brought managing representatives from two Israeli youth villages, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Volcano Institute, to Berlin, Potsdam, and Müncheberg. From 13 to 17 January 2013, the visitors explored applicable small-scale methods for the treatment and use of greywater, the production of energy...Read more

Energiewende in the Classroom

The "Teacher Training Renewable Energy" project aimed to improve the capacities of future teachers in regards to their knowledge about renewable energies and also to identify methodologies that may help teachers share this knowledge in schools. During three years of project work, Ecologic Institute, Solare Zukunft, and the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU) developed a rich and comprehensive pool of (German) training materials. All teaching materials are also available beyond the project’s duration and can be downloaded for free.Read more

Training Course "Energy for Development"

7 to 9 December 2012
7 December 2012
Fifteen participants from different parts of Mexico who are spending a year in Germany with support from the "International Leadership Training (ILT)" programme in order to learn conceptual, holistic and anticipatory thought for sustainable business development, took part in the course, carried out at the International Education Center (IBZ) in Mannheim from 7 to 9 December 2012. Michael Mehling, President of the Ecologic Institute in Washington DC, delivered the course contents, drawing on training material developed previously for a project commissioned by the Academy of International Cooperation (AIZ).Read more

Journalists from Korea Explore German Climate and Energy Policy and the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme

27 October 2012 to 31 October 2012
Berlin and Brandenburg

From 27 to 31 October 2012, Ecologic Institute organized and implemented a program for Korean journalists and representatives from the Korean Ministry of Environment. The program focused on German and European approaches on energy and climate change policy as well as on emissions trading systems (ETS).

The program took place as a follow up to a German Embassy sponsored conference...Read more

ELEEP Sustainable Transportation and the Evolution of Mobility Study Tour

30 September 2012 to 5 October 2012
Stuttgart (Germany), Paris (France)

A group of ten selected ELEEP (Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy) Network members met in Stuttgart, Germany, and Paris, France, from 30 September through 5 October 2012 to explore how the two regions are implementing visions of sustainable transportation policy and to investigate the ways that businesses and civil society are contributing to the evolution of the concept...Read more

Duke University Course on Environmental Policy in Europe

Winter Semester 2012
22 August 2012
As part of the Berlin Program of Duke University of Durham, North Carolina, R. Andreas Kraemer will this fall again teach on European integration and environmental policy in the context of transatlantic relations.Read more

ELEEP Budapest Study Tour – EU Energy and Environmental Issues: a Central European Perspective

20 August 2012 to 31 December 2012

Eight members of the ELEEP Network for Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy met with staff from the Atlantic Council of the United States and Ecologic Institute (represented by Dominic Marcellino, Fellow) in Budapest, Hungary from 27 – 29 June 2012. European elements of ELEEP to this point have focused primarily on

...Read more

ELEEP Study Tour: American Perspectives On Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Policy

19 August 2012 to 24 August 2012
Denver and San Francisco
United States
As part of the ELEEP Network’s ongoing investigation of the changing energy landscape in Europe and the United States, ten ELEEP members participated in a study tour to Denver, Colorado and San Francisco, California from 19 to 24 August 2012. This trip served as a counterpoint to earlier trips to Germany/Austria in August 2011 and Germany/Denmark in March 2012, augmenting the European perspective with current information from the United States.Read more


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