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Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region

3 September 2013
The project Baltadapt addressed the issue of climate change adaptation as a macro-regional challenge in the Baltic Sea Region. At the final conference the project results were presented. During the conference Ecologic Institute's Susanne Altvater, together with Lotta Andersson (SMHI), officially presented the final products of the project, the Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan. All presentations and videos of the keynote speeches are available online.Read more


Recommended actions and proposed guidelines for climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region
The Baltadapt Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region were launched and presented during the final Baltadapt Conference. The aim of the Baltadapt Strategy is a connected region with informed actors on all levels, where the specific objective of the Action Plan is to strengthen the capacity for adaptation action at all relevant levels and to enhance adaptive capacity in the region. The aim of the Baltadapt project was to formulate a Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as an accompanying Action Plan with recommended actions and proposed guidelines for climate change adaptation. Both documents are available for download.Read more

Identification of German Interests in Environmental Protection and Development of Recommendations for a German Environmental Policy for the Arctic

5 June 2013
Dr. Ralph Bodle and his colleagues presented a report by Ecologic Institute on possible courses of action for German environmental policy with an emphasis on the Arctic in the context of the German government's Arctic Dialogue. The report offered a number of different possibilities of how Germany could work towards improving nature conservation in the Arctic.Read more

Climate Change and the Atlantic Basin

24 April 2013
Washington, DC
United States

Climate change is a key and growing concern for the Atlantic Basin: Although all parts of the world will be impacted by climate change, there are some common vulnerabilities across the Basin and certain unique issues facing the Atlantic. For example, with huge variance among countries in terms of response capacities, how can Atlantic Basin cooperation combat this challenge and contribute...Read more

Coastal Ecosystem Capital Accounts

February 2013 to November 2013

The European Environment Agency (EEA) can adapt its existing accounting framework and resulting experimental accounts and extend coverage to these ecosystems  by developing and testing a concept, analytical framework and methodology for coastal ecosystem capital accounting. The final aim of this work is to contribute to the United Nations (UN) process on ecosystem accounting (as part of EEA support) as well as to support others working on this issue (e.g. implementation of Target 2/Action 5 of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy).

Ecologic's previous work focused on physicalRead more

Integrated Management of Coastal Areas in the Face of Climate Change Adaptation

January 2013 to November 2014

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICM) is a socio environmental issue of increasing importance. In the face of fisheries collapse, climate change and increasing human pressure on marine coastal ecosystems, multi-stakeholder management of the world's coasts is vital to conservation and sustainable exploitation of coasts.

The ICM project aims to gauge Member States' knowledge about ICM and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and provide the most up-to-date research and data with specific attention to climate change adaptation in coastal areas. It also sets out to identifyRead more

Local and Regional Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: Sharing Good Practices and Comparative Analysis between the U.S. and Germany

On 7 December 2012, the Policy Studies Organization hosted the "Dupont Summit 2012: Pressing Issues amid the Political Maelstrom". The fourth annual Summit focused on the dissemination of scientific and technological information to researchers and decision-makers. Energy and climate change issues were highlighted as a theme this year. Dr. Grit Martinez, for Ecologic Institute Berlin, and Tanja Srebotnjak, for Ecologic Institute’s San Mateo office, were panelists on a session entitled "Local and Regional Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: Sharing Good Practices and Comparative Analysis between the U.S. and Germany". Dr. Martinez and Dr. Srebotnjak were joined by Jeff Allenby of the Chesapeake Conservancy.Read more

New Tools and Policy Options to Improve the Management of Marine Litter (CLEANSEA)

December 2012 to December 2015

CLEANSEA is a research project that takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying marine litter. CLEANSEA assesses the state of marine litter in European seas, rivers and on beaches and its impact on biological, social and economic processes. It aims to develop new tools to help collect data and monitor on litter and develop policy options to improve the management of marine litter by identifying deficiencies in existing legislation and standards. CLEANSEA focuses mainly on marine areas relevant to the EU; the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Baltic and North East Atlantic region. The project is funded under the 7th Research Framework Programme of the EU (FP7). The consortium has diverse partners including research institutes, universities, SMEs, and an NGO.

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