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Learning Together to Manage Together

Improving Participation in Water Management
The printed edition of the handbook "Learning together to manage together – improving participation in water management" was published in January 2006. Ecologic actively contributed to the development of the handbook, which is one of the main outputs of the European project Harmonising Collaborative Planning (HarmoniCOP).
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European Liberalisation Tendencies - Implications for the German Water Sector

9 February 2005

The Technical University Berlin hosted the conference "Water - Economic Good, Weapon, Human Right" on 9 February 2005. Ecologic Associate Britta Pielen spoke on the recent trends towards liberalisation in European water policy and the implications for the German water sector. Over the last years, the water and sanitation sector has increasingly been put under reform pressure. In particular at the European level, a political trend towards liberalising the provision of water services can be observed. These attempts are generally justified by the supposedly positive experiences with the liberalisation of other network industries as well as with stricter environmental and quality requirements.

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Review of the Benchmarking Practice in the Water Sector – Selected Country Cases

28 January 2005

On occasion of a dissemination seminar held in the context of the Waterbench-Project on ‚Water Utility Performance Benchmarking in Ukraine‘ Nicole Kranz spoke about selected benchmarking and performance indicator systems, best practice and experience from an international perspective. More than 20 participants representing utilities, municipalities, research institutions, government, administration and NGOs from all regions of Ukraine attended the seminar jointly organised with the Municipal Development Institute, Kiev and the State Committee on Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.Read more


Economic Evaluation of Flood Management Measures

January 2005 to April 2005

The 2002 floods of the Danube and the Elbe have demonstrated that the cost of flood damage can be enormous, and might even increase in the future as the climate changes. Against this background, the International Office for Water and Ecologic have investigated the possible role of economics in designing long-term flood risk management strategies in a project for the European Commission. The final report is available for download.

The project has primarily focused on the Rhine and the Loire river basins, considering also the experiences made in the UK and other EU Member States. TheRead more


New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty (NeWater)

January 2005 to December 2008

Water management is influenced by many different factors. Current water management strategies are often not designed in a way to adequately accommodate and react to changing boundary conditions, such as climate change, new economic, social and political circumstances. The NeWater project aims at developing new approaches for an adaptive and more flexible management of water resources under uncertainty.

Main objectives

The central tenet of the NeWater project is a transition from currently prevailing regimes of river basin water managementRead more


Making the Right Choice

A Methodology for Selecting Cost-Effective Measures for the Water Framework Directive
In the third issue of the Journal for European Environmental and Plannning Law (JEEPL), Nicole Kranz, Benjamin Görlach and Eduard Interwies published an article on the selection of cost-effective combinations of measures according to Article 11 of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The article highlights the results of the project "Basic principles for selecting the most cost-effective combinations of measures", conducted by Ecologic in 2003 for the German Federal Environmental Agency.Read more

Identification and Description of Plausible Water Liberalisation Scenarios

Deliverable 5
2004: Deliverable 5 - EUROMARKET Water Liberalisaion Scenarios - Identification and Description of Plausible Water Liberalisation Scenarios. IDD/IHE/EPFL/Paris VIII/Delft UT/ENGREF/University Bocconi/Ecologic/UCL/University of Zaragoza.Read more

Utility Performance Indicators and Benchmarking in the EECCA

9 December 2004
Moldova, Republic of

An international workshop, organised by the OECD EAP Task Force, highlighted "best practice" for benchmarking initiatives in the water supply and sanitation sector of the EECCA region (Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia) and provided a discussion forum on potential future applications in the context of investment decisions. In her contribution, Nicole Kranz presented recent national experiences with benchmarking programmes in France, England and Wales, the Netherlands, Brazil and Sweden.

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