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International Comparison of Water Management

The results of the study "International Comparison of Water Management" have been published in five volumes by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour and the Austrian Association of Cities. The synthesis and conclusion of the study, which provides a systematic comparison against European and economic background, is now also available in English. Read more

Governance and Private Sector Participation

Ecologic experts on private sector participation and regulatory oversight in the water sector contribute to an OECD publication on "Social Issues in the Provision and Pricing of Water Services". This book explores the interface between environmental and social elements of water pricing policies in OECD countries. It focuses on the affordability of water services, as well as on the social measures aimed at resolving these affordability problems.

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Analysis of the European Unions Explicit and Implicit Policies and Approaches in the Larger Water Sector

Deliverable 1
2003: Deliverable 1 - EUROMARKET Water Liberalisaion Scenarios - Analysis of the European Unions Explicit and Implicit Policies and Approaches in the Larger Water Sector. ENGREF/IHE/EPFL/Paris VIII/Delft UT/University Bocconi/University of Birmingham/Ecologic/UCL/University of Zaragoza.Read more

Public Participation in the Havel River Basin (Berlin-Brandenburg)

June 2003 to December 2003

Ecologic completed a report reviewing and evaluating practices of public participation in water management in the Havel river basin for the implementation of the EU's Water Framework Directive (WFD). Project results were presented by Nicole Kranz at the TU Berlin workshop on 'Public involvement in river basin management' on 9/10 February 2004. The project report is available for download.


Public participation becomes more and more important in environmental decision-making. In 1998, the Convention of Aarhus formulated the right of the public toRead more

Report 2004: The state of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Germany

22 May 2003 to 23 May 2003
The workshop focussed on the aspects that are to be covered in the report 2005 to the European Commission. Approximately 150 German actors of water resource management discussed results, problems and new approaches and the actual state of affairs with regards to the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive. Read more


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