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International Comparison of Water Management

The results of the study "International Comparison of Water Management" have been published in five volumes by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour and the Austrian Association of Cities. The synthesis and conclusion of the study, which provides a systematic comparison against European and economic background, is now also available in English. Read more

Legal and Policy Framework for Flood Prevention and Remediation in Germany

Review of laws, policies and instruments
Dworak, Thomas 2003: Legal and policy framework for flood prevention and remediation in Germany. Review of laws, policies and instruments. For the Séminaire EPR "aspects of flood risk management in Europe". Comparison of six national practices in vulnerability reduction and compensations: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland. Berlin.Read more

Environmental and Resource Costs in the Water Framework Directive: the Case of Germany

December 2003 to September 2004

The valuation of environmental and resource costs plays a central role for the implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD). Benjamin Görlach and Eduard Interwies investigated many of the economic aspects - such as the cost recovery for water services, incentive pricing for water, or the selection of cost-effective measures. The study to the German Federal Environmental Agency was published.

In the implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive, the concept of environmental and resource costs applies above all to the cost recovery of water services. Article 9 of theRead more


Economic Instruments for Water Management

Experiences from Europe and Implications for Latin America and the Caribbean
This publication provides practical examples of experience with economic instruments in water management mainly in European and other OECD countries. It assists in identifying appropriate instruments for the Latin American and Caribbean context and demonstrates the constraints and impediments to their introduction. Read more

Public Participation in River Basin Management in Germany

"From borders to natural boundaries"
Ecologic Institute compiled the national study for Germany, which focused on the Rhine and Elbe basins and mainly analyzed the origins and past experiences of public participation approaches in water management. The study is available for download.Read more

Emission Reduction for Priority and Priority Hazardous Substances According to the Water Framework Directive

December 2003 to January 2010
The Water Framework Directive stipulates the implementation of measures for a step-wise reduction and phase-out of emissions and losses of a group of 33 priority and priority hazardous substances. In the context of this project, strategies for emission reduction will be developed. Ecologic provides expert legal advice for developing and supporting the German position in the negotiations at EU level.Read more

Heavily Modfied Water Bodies in the Danube River Basin

December 2003 to February 2004

On 9-10 February 2004 an international workshop took place in Bucharest, Romania. The workshop intended to assist the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and its member countries in carrying out the identification and designation of heavily modified water bodies in the Danube River Basin according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

EU guidance documents support implementation of WFD
For the purpose of a European-wide comparable implementation of the European Union Water Framework Directive (WFD), several EU guidanceRead more


Economic Analysis According to the WFD: Status of Implementation - an International Exchange of Experience

Interwies, Eduard; Britta Pielen und Pierre Strosser 2003: The Economic Analysis according to the Water Framework Directive in the Danube River Basin. A Cross-Country Assessment of Implementation Capacities and Priority Gaps. Ecologic, Berlin.Read more

Economic Analysis according to the WFD: Status of Implementation - an International Exchange of Experience

20 November 2003 to 21 November 2003
Ecologic organises an international workshop on the "Economic Analysis according to the EU Water Framework Directive: Present status of Implementation" that will take place on 20 - 21 November 2003 on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear safety (BMU). The workshop is intended to further the international exchange of experience and addresses Member States and first Round Accession Countries. Read more


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