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Institutional Mechanisms for Water Management in the Context of European Environmental Policies

Kraemer, R. Andreas; Frank Jäger 1995: EUROWATER - Germany - Institutional Mechanisms for Water Management in the Context of European Environmental Policies. Ecologic - Gesellschaft für Internationale und Europäische Umweltforschung, Berlin.Read more

Networks of Cooperation: Water Policy in Germany

German water policy-making, analysed in this article by Wolfgang Rüdig and R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute, defies easy categorisation. Policy processes are highly complex, fragmented, and diverse. In the areas of drinking water supply and water pollution, the most important feature is the enormous importance of regional and local government in both policy formulation and implementation.Read more

Die Wasserwirtschaft in der DDR

This book describes the development of water institutions in the former East Germany, covering the period up to 1980 and including the major changes affecting water supply and waste treatment. It contains numerous articles on water management written by East German policy makers in the water sector, as well as the most relevant laws and regulations adopted. Read more

Innovative Water Technologies and Transfer of Research Results at Wasser Berlin International

With a focus on water and wastewater technologies, the Wasser Berlin International 2013, a capital goods trade fair and congress for water technologies, took place from 23 to 26 April 2013 in Berlin (Germany).

River Basin Network Workshop, January 2012 – Zaragoza (Spain)

The River Basin Network Workshop that took place on 26 and 27 January in Zaragoza, Spain, provided an opportunity for representatives of River Basin Authorities to exchange experiences on the implementation of agricultural measures within the context of the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Water security and economic growth in emerging economies

The objective of the conference "The new politics of water", organized by Chatham House on the 14-15th June 2011 in London, was to address key issues around water security and economic growth in emerging economies. Jennifer Möller-Gulland, Researcher at Ecologic Institute, participated at this conference and highlighted the main discussion topics in the following.


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