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Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region

3 September 2013
The project Baltadapt addressed the issue of climate change adaptation as a macro-regional challenge in the Baltic Sea Region. At the final conference the project results were presented. During the conference Ecologic Institute's Susanne Altvater, together with Lotta Andersson (SMHI), officially presented the final products of the project, the Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan. All presentations and videos of the keynote speeches are available online.Read more

Improving Drought Governance in European Regions - DROP Field Research

Between September and November 2013, Ecologic Institute researchers were part of a team that visited five areas of North-West Europe to assess regional drought governance frameworks in the field. Whereas drought is as yet a rare phenomenon in northern Europe, climate change projections suggest increasing impacts with important consequences for agriculture, drinking water provision, and the environment. The team, in which Ecologic Institute was joined by four other research institutes, used a Governance Assessment Tool specifically developed for researching drought in its stakeholder interviews. This tool is available for download.

Climate Change, Water Conflicts and Human Security

Regional Assessment and Policy Guidelines for the Mediterranean, Middle East and Sahel
Climate change has and will continue to have far-reaching impacts on environmental, social and economic conditions. Increasingly, climate change and the associated increase in the frequency of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and rising sea level is recognized as not only having humanitarian impacts, but also creating political and security risks that can affect national/regional stability and the welfare of people. This report presents a comprehensive regional assessment of these questions in the CLICO study area – the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Sahel - and is available for download.Read more


Recommended actions and proposed guidelines for climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region
The Baltadapt Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region were launched and presented during the final Baltadapt Conference. The aim of the Baltadapt Strategy is a connected region with informed actors on all levels, where the specific objective of the Action Plan is to strengthen the capacity for adaptation action at all relevant levels and to enhance adaptive capacity in the region. The aim of the Baltadapt project was to formulate a Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as an accompanying Action Plan with recommended actions and proposed guidelines for climate change adaptation. Both documents are available for download.Read more

Financial Instruments and Technical Assistance Facilities through LIFE Climate Action Sub-Programme

July 2013 to December 2013

The LIFE Regulation for 2014 - 2020 allows for the first time the use of financial instruments. Three options for a financial instrument part funded via the LIFE Climate Action sub-programme are discussed in the project. An in-depth assessment of the options is required. As options financing instruments for mitigation and climate adaptation are covered, including a flexible loans and guarantee facility for energy efficiency and a technical assistance facility.Read more

Water Governance Assessment Tool

With an Elaboration for Drought Resilience
Drought has many different causes, features and impacts. However, it can be most efficiently tackled by societies through the application of "good governance" principles and strategies. Together with other research institutions working in the DROP project, Ecologic Institute developed a Governance Assessment Tool specifically adapted to drought purposes. This tool is available for download.Read more

Internationale Beispiele der Klimaanpassung

RADOST Report No 19
The RADOST Report No. 19 deals with international case studies of climate adaptation. For each of the six RADOST focus topics (coastal protection, tourism and beach management, water management and agriculture, ports and maritime economy, conservation and land use and renewable energies) and accompanied by the topics planning and participation, three adaptation examples are presented.Read more

Untersuchungen der Auswirkungen von Klimaveränderungen auf die Lebensgemeinschaften wirbelloser Tiere

In Fließgewässern im Nationalpark Kellerwald-Edersee (Hessen, Deutschland)
Werde, Julia; Ulrich Braukmann and Ulf Stein 2013: "Untersuchungen der Auswirkungen von Klimaveränderungen auf die Lebensgemeinschaften wirbelloser Tiere in Fließgewässern im Nationalpark Kellerwald-Edersee (Hessen, Deutschland)", in: Ute Feit and Horst Korn (eds.): Treffpunkt Biologische Vielfalt XII. Aktuelle Forschung im Rahmen des Übereinkommens über die biologische Vielfalt vorgestellt auf einer wissenschaftlichen Expertentagung an der Internationalen Naturschutzakademie Insel Vilm vom 20.-24. August 2012. [BfN-Skripten 335]. Bonn - Bad Godesberg: Bundesamt für Naturschutz, 39-46.

Read more

EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change - Launch Event and Livestreaming

29 April 2013

The European Commission has recently adopted an EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change. This strategy will be launched at a high-level conference taking place on 29 April 2013 in Brussels. Those who cannot attend the conference can follow the livestream of the event via the conference website.

The event will bring together policy makers and practitioners working on adaptation to...Read more

Climate Adaptation at the Local and Regional Level

22 April 2013
Washington, DC
United States

On Monday, 22 April 2013, Ecologic Institute organized a roundtable discussion on "Climate Adaptation at the local and national level". The event was hosted by the American Security Project and profiled the contributions to the field of two members of the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network (ELEEP). ELEEP is a transatlantic network of young professionals working in...Read more


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