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Geoengineering and the Freedom of Research

16 February 2010

An Ecologic Dinner Dialogue featuring Lee Lane, Resident Fellow and Co-Director of the American Enterprise Institute’s Geoengineering Project, was held in Berlin on 16 February 2010. Following Lee Lane’s introductory speech, participants discussed the technical, political, sociological and legal aspects of geoengineering and the way in which future research on the topic could take place.Read more

Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Security (CLICO)

January 2010 to December 2012

Climate change poses several threats to human security. Hydro-climatic hazards such as droughts and floods have the potential to trigger or exacerbate social tensions, intra- and inter-state conflict. The EU-funded project CLICO will examine the relationships between hydro-climatic hazards, human security and conflict. The project will also develop recommendations for the best types of policies and institutions to avoid or better prepare for water conflicts related to climate change.

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Ecologic Institute Side Event in Copenhagen on Regional Adaptation for Coastal Areas

15 December 2009

The Ecologic Institute hosted an international dialogue on regional adaptation actions for coastal areas as a complementary event to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Examples of practical applications of research results within the project RADOST (Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast), a project is coordinated by the Ecologic Institute, was the starting point of the discussions.

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Analysis of Adaptation Projects

December 2009 to July 2011
The goal of the project is to record the adaptation measures implemented in Germany up to this point and to evaluate the experiences gained from these. To that end, Ecologic Institute has developed an internet-based databank of measures, through which those interested can document their own measures and be informed on others' measures. A competition will also be conducted to determine particularly exemplary adaptation measures and to make this information known to a wider audience.Read more

Arctic Transform - Transatlantic Policy Options for Supporting Adaptation in the Marine Arctic

16 November 2009
Since 2007, on initiative by the European Parliament, the European Commission (DG Relex) has sponsored transatlantic dialogues with a view to developing new approaches for handling global challenges. A conference in Brussels on 16 November 2009 reviewed the results of the first 5 pilot projects. R. Andreas Kraemer presented the outcomes of the Arctic Transform dialogue initiated by Ecologic Institute.Read more

Economics of Climate Change: Costs and Benefits of Adaptation Measures for Climate Change

November 2009 to November 2011

Within the "German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change", it is necessary to compare and prioritize different adaptation measures. One approach is to use economic instruments, especially cost-benefit analyses. However, there is also a need to evaluate adaptation options related to several different sectors, i.e. health, forestry, agriculture, and energy. In addition, costs and benefits are distributed over long time frames and are subject to high levels of uncertainty. Ecologic Institute, together with the project partners INFRAS and Fraunhofer ISI, will compile the status quo for economic analyses of adaptation measures, develop economic criteria for cost-benefit analyses and conduct such cost-benefit analyses for several adaptation measures.

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Climate Change Mitigation in German Agriculture

November 2009 to December 2009

Cover smallGerman agriculture is responsible for approximately 11% of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and thus there is considerable potential for increased mitigation efforts in this sector. The Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) commissioned the Ecologic Institute to analyze the mitigation potential of German agriculture and the necessary policy measures to support emission reductions. The analysis points to a number of measures which can, along with obligatory reduction targets for both agriculture and land-use change, deliver significant GHG-emission reductions. The study is available for download.

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Policy Instruments for Adaptation to Climate Change in Big European Cities and Metropolitan Areas

October 2009 to October 2010

In the face of climate change, European cities and metropolitan areas are experiencing particular challenges. This study aims to provide local and regional administrators and interested stakeholders with policy tools and guidance based on existing good practices across Europe.

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The Kyoto Protocol and the current climate negotiations

7 October 2009

Christiane Gerstetter of Ecologic Legal, gave a presentation to young diplomats, participating in the 4th Executive Seminar for Diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean on the international legal framework for climate protection and the current climate negotiations.Read more


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