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CLICO meeting in Berlin – discussion on human security

"Security" is a much wider concept today than it was just some decades ago. Today, the concept is applied not only to new and diffuse military threats such as global terrorism but has been broadened to include additional areas such as food, water, health and other issues, of which many are intimately related to the environment and to its protection. But is this shift helpful for the environment and/or for populations under duress? What are the implications for the world's most conflicted and environmentally fragile regions? These questions formed the basis of discussions during a recent meeting of the CLICO project hosted by Ecologic Institute from 16 to 18 February 2011 in Berlin.


Transboundary river basin management in Uzbekistan

Nicole Kranz and Antje Vorwerk of Ecologic paid a visit to the Amudarya Basin in Uzbekistan in May 2006. Main research interests were the information exchange in transboundary river basin management and the co-ordination of international donor organisations in their support for regional water management st


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