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RADOST – Regional Kick-off Conference

6 October 2009
Rostock - Warnemünde
In the context of the conference "Coastal Management & Climate Change: Status Quo" on 5 and 6 October 2009 in Rostock – Warnemünde the RADOST project (Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast) celebrated its regional kick-off.Read more

Design of Guidelines for the Elaboration of Regional Climate Change Adaptations Strategies

Ribeiro, M., Losenno, C., Dworak, T., Massey, E., Swart, R., Benzie, M., Laaser, C. 2009. Design of guidelines for the elaboration of Regional Climate Change Adaptations Strategies. Study for European Commission - DG Environment - Tender DG ENV. G.1/ETU/2008/0093r. Ecologic Institute, Vienna.Read more

Taking Advantage of the Crisis: Synergies between Environmental Policy and Social Inclusion

9 September 2009

"Emerging Stronger from the Recession to Tackle the Challenges of Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development" was the theme of an expert workshop convened by the European Commission (DG Employment) in Brussels on 9 September 2009.  Ecologic Institute contributed a background paper, and R. Andreas Kraemer was invited as keynote speaker on "Taking Advantage of the Crisis: Synergies between Environmental Policy and Social Inclusion".Read more

Assessment of Agricultural Measures Included in the Draft River Basin Management Plans

August 2009 to April 2010
The Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2000/60/EC) has introduced a legal framework for sustainable management of water resources across Europe. According to this directive, Member States (MS) had to prepare drafts of the river basin management plans (RBMPs) and respective programmes of measures (PoMs) by the end of 2009. Successful implementation of the WFD strongly depends on agricultural land use; therefore, this report summarised the results of an in-depth assessment of how the draft plans and programmes address agricultural pressures on EU water resources.Read more

Current Trends in the American Climate Debate and Prospects for a Global Deal in Copenhagen 2009

7 July 2009
On 7 July 2009, the Ecologic Institute co-hosted a Dinner Dialogue on "Current Trends in the American Climate Debate and Prospects for a Global Deal in Copenhagen" with the German Marshall Fund of the US. Keynote speakers were Elliot Diringer, Vice President for International Strategies at the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, and Nicole Wilke, Head of Division for International Climate Policy at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.Read more

Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast (RADOST)

July 2009 to June 2014
The Ecologic Institute coordinated the five-year project RADOST (Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast). The Baltic coastline of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein is one of seven model regions in Germany that were supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) through the initiative KLIMZUG ("Managing climate change in the regions for the future"). The aim of the RADOST project was to develop regional adaptation strategies in a dialogue between research institutions, business, public administration and civil society.Read more

Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast (RADOST)

The RADOST project aims at strengthening the adaptive capacity of the German Baltic Sea coastal region towards climate change by fostering the dialogue between science, industry, government and civil society. The Ecologic Institute coordinates this project and is responsible for the design, creation and maintenance of the project's website. In addition to providing information about the project, the website offers a newsletter, a forum and a press section. An extensive internal website area serves the networking of partners and the project management. It contains a document management system, photo galleries, decision-making tools and a joint calendar.Read more

Regional Climate Adaptation Strategies across the EU

17 June 2009 to 18 June 2009

Adaptation to climate change is complex because the severity of the impacts will vary from region to region, depending on physical vulnerability, the degree of socio-economic development, natural and human adaptive capacity, health services, and response mechanisms.

To address this variability, multilevel governance is emerging and involves a wide range of stakeholders from the individual citizens, private sector, NGOs, national public...Read more

Transatlantic Policy Options for Supporting Adaptation in the Marine Arctic

Summary for Policy Makers
This policy brief draws upon a series of background papers, expert meetings, and interviews to provide an overview of the international and EU governance options for addressing the rapid changes underway in the region. While reflecting the opinions of its authors, this policy brief benefits from the opinions and insights of the experts participating in the five thematic working groups of Arctic TRANSFORM.Read more

Water Governance in Europe - the Water Framework Directive

21 May 2009

Nicole Kranz, Senior Fellow with Ecologic, recently spoke about European Water Governance at the H2Ontario Symposium on Integrated Water Management held on 21 and 22 May in Toronto, Ontario. The Symposium was aimed at discussing current approaches to Integrated Water Management in Canada as well as internationally and determining the way forward for current approaches underway in the Ontario Province.

Read more


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