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Threats and Opportunities in a Changing Arctic: Policy Challenges and Transatlantic Relations

14 November 2008
Smithfield, RI
United States
R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute gave a keynote presentation on "Threats and Opportunities in a Changing Arctic: Policy Challenges and Transatlantic Relations" at the John H. Chafee Center for International Business of Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, on 14 November 2008. The presentation draws on the transatlnatic Arctic Transform dialogue.Read more

Trends in Climate and Energy Policy in the United States

5 November 2008

David CampbellAt an Ecologic Transatlantic Luncheon on 5 November 2008, David Campbell spoke about trends in climate change and energy policy in the United States after the US elections. Campbell is Director of Trade Policy at the Representative of German Industry and Trade (RGIT), the liaison office of the Federation of German Industries (BDI)...Read more

Tax Reform in Europe: long-term implications for the environment, eco-innovation and household distribution

November 2008 to November 2009

Environmental tax reform is seen by many experts as a powerful instrument to achieve environmental objectives and at the same time create economic benefits. It may also contribute to a stable basis for public finance. A study commissioned by the European Environment Agency looked into the effects such a reform could have when implemented at a larger scale throughout Europe.

The basic idea of environmental tax reform is to increase taxes on environmental resources or energy while lowering the tax burden in other areas, such as labour. According to the principle of "Read more

Trade and Climate Change

November 2008 to January 2009

In the framework of this project, Ecologic wrote a policy paper shedding light at the most important aspects of the relationship between trade and climate change policies. The policy paper investigates which trade-related policies should be adopted to combat climate change and reviews the compatibility of those measures with the law of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Particular attention is given to issues that are of relevance to developing countries.

Please find more information on the policy paper.Read more

Climate Change and Coastal Zone Management

14 October 2008

Michael K. OrbachOn 14 October 2008, an Ecologic Dinner Dialogue was held in honour of Dr. Michael K. Orbach. Mike Orbach is Professor of the Practice of Marine Affairs and Policy and Director of the Duke University Marine Laboratory at the Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment (Beaufort, North...Read more

Climate Change Mitigation Through Agricultural Techniques - Policy Recommendations

This report, written as part of the Project PICCMAT (Policy Incentives for Climate Change Mitigation Agricultural Techniques), provides information on different mitigation practices and identifies priorities for policy action. Additionally, it describes currrent rural development, introducing options for the future European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The report is available for download.Read more

Tough Choices - Land Use under a Changing Climate: German-US Conference and Scientific Field Trip

2 October 2008 to 4 October 2008

From 2 to 4 October 2008, a joint German-US conference convened 80 scientists from both sides of the Atlantic to address future land use strategies and identifying common research goals. A complementing post-conference program included field visits to the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) and the German Meteorological Service (DWD).

The joint conference focused on the conflict between future land...Read more

Hertie School of Governance Courses on international energy and climate policy

Fall Term of 2008
1 October 2008

The Hertie School of Governance and Ecologic Institute cooperated on international energy and climate policies as agents of change. During the fall term of 2008, Sascha Müller-Kraenner, Partner of Ecologic, taught a course on "International energy and climate policy" at the Hertie School of Governance.

Read more

Weiteres Warten auf Rückgang der weltweiten CO2-Emissionen

The hope for a reversal in the growth of greenhouse gas emissions – especially CO2-emissions – was not fulfilled again this year. Nevertheless, greenhouse gas emissions in Annex-B-countries, which (with the exception of the USA) committed to emissions caps or reductions, decreased in 2007 by 0.7% from 2006 levels – by 16% from 1990 levels. Ecologic Policy Advisor Hans-Joachim Ziesing’s article, published in "Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen" Vol. 58, Issue 9, presents an overview of trends in the development of global C02 emissions and greenhouse gas emissions in Annex-B-countries, from 1990 to 2007. Read more

Renewable-Energy-Sources-Act - The Amendment 2008/09

25 September 2008

During a further vocational training for management assistants in the energy sector Ms. Hanna Schumacher gave an introduction to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) with a focus on the amendment which will come into force in 2009.

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